Testimonials for Jimmy Bruno's Guitar Workshop

" I can now improvise over tunes in a relaxed way with a melodic quality that was previously unobtainable for me."
—Erik A.

"It wasn't until I found Jimmy's site that I unlocked how jazz harmony works."
—Sam M.

"Jimmy knows all the theory, but gives you a simple and coherent learning path to making progress whatever your level."
—Mick B.

"Thanks to Jimmy, I now play regularly in jam sessions and other gigs with confidence."
—Daijiro O.

"For me, this is the perfect method: I don't need an hour at a time with Jimmy Bruno; I need "the right 5 minutes" with Jimmy Bruno, whenever I'm ready for my next step. And to receive personalized instruction from a world-class player and teacher at such a reasonable rate makes this an incredible deal."
—Jim C.

"The beauty of Jimmy's method is that it is so simple and straightforward."

"Jimmy makes it simple and easy to digest...small parts that add up to the whole picture."
—G. Cole

"Jimmy's emphasis is on training your ear and making music."
—Stan F.

"It works!"
—Rich G.

"Where else can you get a month's worth of instruction from one of the top jazz guitarists of our time for less than the cost of a private lesson at your local music store?"
—Jeffrey B.